Undead Big Bang Fic Challenge!

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Undead Big Bang! Come one, come all...
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Welcome to the Undead Big Bang Challenge!

Authors will have until early October to write a 5,000 word fic that in some aspect has to do with the undead. You are welcome to interpret that any way you like, though generally we mean things like zombies, vampires, ghosts, mummies and other incarnations of the living challenged. Feel free to go nuts if you have some creative way to incorporate the theme! We are a pretty laid back and fun group, so climb on board and let’s hunt those undead down! (or run screaming for our lives, whichever.)

Writer Sign-Up Ends: August 31st (we may make allowances for late entries)
Art Sign-Up Ends: October 9th.
Rough Drafts and Summaries Due: Monday, October 8th by midnight (wherever you are)
Art Claims: Wednesday, October 10th
Posting Begins: This will depend on how many fics are submitted on the 8th, but potentially as early as the 22nd -- we want to wrap up on Halloween!

You will notice a lack of art drafts and check-in dates. While we are always more than happy to hear from people and work with them as much as we can, we are trusting that participants are mature enough to do what they have signed up for without us having to chase them around with a carrot or a stick. If you are having problem at any stage, definitely give us a heads up and we will see what can be worked out. Your artist/author not returning you emails? Let us know! This challenge is a little expedited - but it’s only a 5k minimum and 1 art piece required *looks encouraging, waves pompom*

Rules For Writers:
1 - Stories must be a minimum of 5,000 words. You can make it as long as you want, but you must post a complete story on your posting day.
2 - The story can be any verse, crossover, fusion, original, or whatever else you can dream up. See the FAQ for more explanation.
3 - Your story must have a credited beta reader.
4 - The story (or pieces) may not be posted anywhere before your posting date.
5 - You must use the art your artist provides. Please contact us with any questions regarding this

Rules For Artists:
1 - You are required to create a banner for the story you claim. You may in addition create whatever you want and as many pieces, but I would like for everyone to have something to stick at the top of their story. We are willing to be moderately flexible about this if you have something awesome in mind - see the FAQ or contact us for more details.
2 - You may not post your art before the posting day.



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